The Apejo

is Two


Two years ago we started the Apejo, it all began with a desire to have conversations about Jesus, who He is to us, and how He walks with us. It was this desire that led to our first-ever gathering, which took place in January 2020. 

It was a wonderful start, but then it seemed like it was about to “rain on our parade” as the covid 19 pandemic shut down physical gatherings everywhere. We were not discouraged though, we took the meeting online and it has been that way ever since. 

Some months later, in May to be precise we started the Blurry Lines Podcast and it’s been phenomenal, we’ve had amazing people on the show, from different parts of the world and we’ve been able to reach many homes with the message of Jesus. 

We also started our quarterly worship meetings in 2021, we’ve had an amazing experience in the father’s presence worshipping Him in all His glory, with our friends and community members.  2021 December saw us hold our first Salt and Light outreach at the CorrectionalCenter for boys Birrel Avenue, Yaba and it was such a humbling experience, we are grateful that the Lord used us to reach out to the boys and love on them. 

It’s been a story of God’s faithfulness, two years ago we wouldn’t have imagined all the things that Abba has done for and through us, we have a growing community that is full of amazing and loving people. We can’t thank God enough for what He is doing with the Apejo and what He is about to do. The best is yet to come!


As humans we tend to forget a lot, and to fix this, God would often tell the Israelites in the Old Testament to have feasts and holidays to remember what He has done for them. It’s interesting to see that one of the last commands Jesus gives His disciples during the last supper is “do this in remembrance of me”. We figured out that since remembering is a big to God; it must be a big deal to us to. So we present to you Zakar; a brand that’s all about reminding you of the beautiful things God has done for us.

Our God Story

"I remember joining one of the monthly session and God was using someone to speak directly to my situation.."
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