Forget story, God is the way, the truth, and life

So in 2015, I found out I had ulcer and heartburn and I was given medications and injections to help relieve the pains. In 2016 and 2017, I was much better but I had a couple of ulcer pains here and there. I had given my life to Christ in 2016 and I can say to an extent I was on fire for God but in 2018, it was like my whole life crashed, everything became wrong, my ulcer pains tripled and I was at the NHS every now and then, I was tired because I felt hopeless and helpless but with the strength God gave me (without me asking), I was able to gather myself together and finish my second year of University in May. I was super excited that summer because I got two internships with the help of and strength from God.

My first internship went well, all thanks to God but GUESS WHAT? I didn't know what I faced at the beginning of the year was nothing compared to what was coming in July. July 2018, I had the worst tummy aches, pains I had never felt in my entire life. It was crazy. On a particular day, I had an attack, I started screaming. I couldn't sleep. My family was worried so the next day I went for a test and three days after the results came out I found out I had an infection in my stomach lining caused by a bacteria called: Helicobacter pylori. Due to this, my pains became worse and unbearable. I was given so many tablets and I became weak and scared because I hate using tablets so I felt helpless.

Now, I had to return to the United Kingdom for my internship that was to start mid-July and I wanted to make sure I was okay before I started because I had to commute from London to Reading. I gathered the courage to start using the medications just so I would feel better. At this point, I forgot how to pray but my mum kept praying for me every day so I guess they were sufficient at that point and they sustained me. I started using this medication and I felt worse, I looked it up and in all the reviews I came across online, It seemed like the pains had to worsen before they could get better. So, I stopped for a day but I got way worse than when I started the medication so my mum ensured I used it till it was all done.

At this point, I had started my internship but on a particular day, on my way to work, luckily I was in an Uber, I felt like I was about to give up, I was weak and out of breath so the driver asked if I wanted to go back home and I nodded so he drove me back home. I just wondered why all this was happening to me and kept saying to myself that I don't have strength for this anymore and that surely God doesn't care about me, so let me just give up. My mum heard when I said that and she came to pray for me and said she was concerned that I wasn't the one speaking. She said I always believed in God and had hope that all will be well but she doesn't see that fire in me now. She hated to see me that way so she spoke to me and encouraged me.

I cried soooooo much and that was the first time in a while that I spoke to God and told Him exactly how I felt. I can't lie to anyone, ever since that day I felt better. I suddenly had so much strength and hope that all will be well and this is just for a season. Anytime I felt weak, I asked God to renew my strength and help me. I always said "By the stripes of the Lord I am healed" (Isaiah 53:5 ) every day and I believed I was healed and stopped dwelling in all I was going through. I knew that my help could only come from God and not man. On the 25th of July, that was the day of my last dose, I felt so good knowing that I finished the medication and had little to no pains anymore.


So, for the first time in my life, I gave a testimony in Church about this because it was really beyond me. I just knew GOD took all the control. I was so emotional but I felt so good after, I felt some kind of peace I had never felt before and I knew it was from God. People came up to me and said they can't believe I went through all that and I still have the strength to share and I said it's all God, not me. After everything, I understood that being a Christian doesn't mean there would be no trials and sufferings but it means even in those times, I should remember to seek the face of God and never forget that God sees and hears and because I have Him and have faith in Him I will overcome. Today, I am standing strong and I can say that I AM ON FIRE FOR GOD!

Forget story, God is the wayyyyyyyy, the truthhhhhhhhh and the lifeeeeeeeee (Tried, Tested and I will stay knowing Him forever). Knowing and having a relationship with God is the best free gift YOU and I will ever get. God's love is beyond amazing. Today is the 29th of June 2020, 2 years after the incident, I am alive today, stronger and healthier than ever because of God's Grace and Mercy over my life. THIS IS MY TESTIMONY.

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