I went playing tennis on this day and took my pack of tennis balls as I went to play. After an hour of playing, it was time to head home. I started packing up all the balls and as I kept picking, I had picked five out of six and kept looking for the 6th one. I reached out to my coach and asked where he thought the ball had gone and he said to check where I picked the last five from. I responded immediately saying, I've checked, I picked up the five from there and can't seem to find the six one.

Then it came to my spirit as this is how we argue with God. God is asking us to go to a place He has prepared for us and we keep giving different excuses such as mine. Oh, I've picked enough blessings from them, I am not sure there is anything there for me. I don't think I can see anything there. Excuses and excuses based on what we can only see.

After my coach was done with what he was engaged with, he came to the same spot and helped me check for the last missing ball and lo and behold, the last sixth missing ball was there. Sometimes, we need some help to see the things God has prepared for us.

Today, ask for insight and open eyes to see the opportunities God has prepared for you.

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