In May 2016, I was in my second year of university and I was intending to go on a placement year that September. I had been applying for places for a while and had interviews every other week but I always got either the “we will be in touch” or “ unfortunately, you’ve not met our requirements” response but I kept going cause I knew what I wanted. Because I was applying for jobs, I decided not to go home for summer so I could go for interviews and assessment days.

Initially, I prayed a lot during this period, read my bible, joined a lot of fellowships, took my evangelism seriously not because I wanted to build a relationship with God but because I felt I needed to do all this to get the job I was hoping for. Before I knew it, these habits became part of me. I started to feel a connection with God, I wasn’t just a church girl anymore, I now knew my identity in Christ

This was the start of my walk with God. I had also made friends and mentors that made sure I kept this fire going and I had made a friend through Facebook (lol) who lived a train station away that was literally heaven-sent. I was enjoying this feeling little did I know it wasn’t going to be all rosy. July came and I finally got a call from a top tech firm to come in for a final interview. I got there and everything went great, negotiated all terms verbally and I was told I’ll get my offer letter In a few days. I was so happy, cried, and thanked God throughout the train ride home.

Few days came, I was with my Facebook friend listening to some fire gospel music and I checked my phone and saw an email saying something along the lines of “unfortunately, the company is going through some financial crisis and they can’t offer me a place now “ My heart dropped. I thought I wasn’t seeing right and maybe I’ll get another email soon. I cried for days, I was angry at God, I asked Him why this happened after all my name is Grace and His word says ask and you shall receive I didn’t pray anymore, I didn’t read my bible, I wasn’t eating and I just wanted to be left alone.

In the midst of this, I got a throat and tooth infection and I went to see a dentist who then booked an emergency appointment with a doctor because I had other symptoms they felt were severe. On getting to the hospital, I ran tests and found out that I had iron deficiency anemia. Imagine how I felt, I thought only good things happened to Children of God but here I was sick and jobless .

I thank God for the friends I kept, they constantly reminded me of how loving God is and how everything that was happening was for a Great end. September came and everyone that saw me felt a difference. Even though I didn’t get what I wanted but I got the most important thing my Salvation Ever since then, I’ve fallen a lot of times but I had built a foundation in those five months that can never be shaken, I had known God for myself and I had discovered who I was 4 years after and this experience is still one of the reasons I am where I am.

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