Stand on the conviction of God's word

I wish to share this story to encourage everyone out there, who has heard God clearly give them an instruction. 

Opposition will come, even from people who are "Godly" because sometimes people are not sensitive to know if God is involved in a persons action.

I graduated in 2011, had 245 in JAMB, and 66 in POST-UTME in Uniilorin, but was not granted admission. So based on my grandpa's advice, I decided to do my A levels in Ilorin, so most people might have thought I was in a Uni, though I never told anyone I was in one. To cut the long story short, I passed my A-level with 10 points out of 15 points, I got my result around June I think.

Before July, God told me to leave Ilorin and go back to Lagos and hold a vigil with my family by 3 am for 7 days from Sunday to Saturday. I had not gotten admission by this time, though I had bought the forms for Unilorin again and this time Bowen University.

One good thing about my family and extended (Grandparents and Uncle's and Aunties) they respected my decisions because they knew I had a relationship with God. So my grandpa did not tell me to stay back. However there was a "situation", I got to know that my POST-UTME for Bowen was to hold on Friday in Iwo Osun state and I was already in Lagos. 

There were suggestions that I should leave home for Ilorin on Friday so I can make it for 8 am which was the time for POST-UTME. However, I told everyone (parents and extended family) that I cannot leave the prayer without finishing it. God had told me 7 days and I will finish the 7 days.   I told them I would leave Lagos in the early hours of Saturday and go to Iwo, on the last day of vigil with my family.

After the 3 am prayer, I waited a little and left for Iwo, everyone was praying I don't get there late. I was reassured that I had finished and obeyed my father in heaven and He will not fall me. I got to Iwo after 8 or some minutes to 9 I think, immediately I got there everyone was already in the hall (NLT) for the POST-UTME exam, I did not really prepare for an exam, read a little bit I just had that sense of assistance that I would pass.

I was sitted at the back, as I came late, then suddenly someone came in and said "every D.E student stand up", that is Direct Entry students with A-Level or NCE.  I stood up immediately, not knowing what was next and then he said "please come out and follow me, you will not be writing the POST-UTME exam, you will just be interviewed" I smiled and said in my heart, "God I see you, I see you"

We were just five if I remember well. Out of over 100 people. I stood up and walked from the back to the front with Joy that I won't be writing any exam.

We got to another office, where we were interviewed by an elderly man, (I got to know that he was a professor after) in a blue attire. When I was to be interviewed, he looked at my result and asked me what I wanted to study, that I had the option to pick based on my result. I was amazed, I can choose what I want, I refused his suggestions of Economics, as I didn't want to deal with math (lol) then I said Mass Communication would be great Since they did not have law at the time, which was what I wanted to study. He made a note on my paper and it was given to the admin So I left waiting for the admission list to be released.

When it was released I did not see my name oooo. Checked and checked. I then went back to Ilorin to do POST-UTME for Unilorin again. This time I did for both jamb and D.E with 239 in Jamb this time and having 66 and 83 respectively in the POST-UTME exam. 

Then I discussed with my Grandpa and we resolved that I go to  Bowen and check again. When I went there I saw that they had resumed and students were already registering. Then I went to meet the admin and said I was expecting to see my name on the admission list (what boldness. Lol). 

The admin left what she was doing and went to records to look for my file and then she said "why didn't you come since" I said "to do what" she said "to check back" I was a bit confused, then she said I did not have to wait for the admission list I would have come to the school to check, as a DE student. 

Then she took my file and went to another office, opened my file, and right in front of me my admission letter was printed and given to me. She said "Go and resume "  I had to ask if I can come back as I only came to check for admission, she then told me to not take time as lectures would soon start.  I was at the administrative block for minutes looking at my admission letter, I think I cried.

I was amazed and shocked. 

I remembered I had made a covenant with God to take my admission letter and show it to the congregation as a fulfillment of God's promises and I did that. The Mam of God then who has gone to be with the Lord now was very happy for me and prophecied in my life that in my 300 level I will get a scholarship, which I said a big amen too. As a student of the scripture, I started trying every available admission when I got to school, I tried NNPC but lost out because my CGPA was not up to 4.0 I was .3 short.  I remember that very day at the Cybercafe, I told God "Lord you see I have put my faith to work, however, it didn't go as planned, I still believe your word through your servant and I will stand by it"

God heard me that day, before I resumed 300 level I got a scholarship from my Dad's company, the CEO was in talks with my Dad when he asked to see my school fees and told him they will pay for it to ease the financial load on my Dad as he seemed bothered by the amount he had to pay for it.

I left school on a scholarship, many did not know. I only stood up to a word I heard from God and I had gone ahead of me and settled my education that was worrisome already. This is the God we serve.

Obedience is surely better than sacrifice.

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