On the 14th of January 2020, we decided to do this AFRAID. This was the day we posted the image for the brand and launched it publicly. Since then, it has been such a beautiful ride with God. We plan to try to celebrate this day and give glory to God as much as we can. This is an attempt to show that when you pursue a relationship with God, God will work out everything around and within you so you can focus on your relationship He wants to have with you.

The Apejo started with me wanting to have more conversations with people. In my mind, this was how far we could go. Maybe just grow in number and have more people to have the conversations with. I also saw this as an opportunity to grow with God and allow God to use me as a vessel. so we decided we were going to set out on Gods word without knowing the details. We had crazy faith.

The goal was to have monthly sessions where we come together to talk about different topics with the goal to edify our faith and grow together in Christ.

But the thing about yielding to God is that you have no clue what God wants to flow through you. It is really exciting

In the course of the year, we launched a podcast, we launched our weekly newsletter, we have had more than 10 monthly sessions, we have consistently told the stories of what God is doing in our lives, we have encouraged one another to consistently live in Christ and we are super excited and grateful for the progress. We know that this is just the beginning. We are excited about what it is to come and we have yielded ourselves to God to flow through us.

One year down the line. God is showing to us that He is we have ever needed and all we would ever need. He has used this platform in ways we had not imagined and he is still doing so. All he is telling us is that he just needs us to always come back to him.

Thank You

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